Essential Warriors: Store Security & Employees
14x17, Marker and Pencil on Paper, 2020
Wearing a facemask or refusing to, in the current climate should not be up for debate. This piece is influenced by the unfortunately true reality Calvin Munerlyn faced on May 1st 2020.  Munerlyn was a security guard at a store in Flint, Michigan when he asked customers to wear a mask inside the store, in line with the Governor's Executive Order at the time. After he instructed them to wear face masks, they yelled and spit on him. He instructed them to leave but shortly after, the customer's husband returned and murdered the 43 year old security guard, in a senseless act of ruthlessness. Amidst the chaos and fear, essential heroes continue to show up for work on a daily basis. This type of anger and brutality toward store employees has to stop. Let's not be assholes and help one another.
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